Our Vision!

We, as a church, feel that we have come to the point where we have reached the limit of our present building. We need space, not just for the church to be able to grow but also for further vision which has been on our hearts for years. We need the space for a school. We believe that today’s kids in Mallorca need an affordable, thoughtful, inspiring, and world aware education.

A quote that has inspired me personally has been…
“in education, I would sweep away half of the courses and two thirds of the examinations and concentrate attention on teaching men to use their powers of observation accurately, their powers of reasoning intelligently, their powers of imagination and sympathy vividly, and their powers of will sanely and strongly– in short, to know things as they are, to conceive them as they might be, and to help make them as they ought to be. That is the real purpose of education”
Henry Van Dyke of Princeton university

Valerie Mayer

Valerie is originally from Sulzfeld, Germany, and has been living on the island for over three years now. She is a well gifted interior architect by trade and is helping with the floor plans and virtual model of the new church building project.

Jackie & Hugh

Jackie and Hugh are a couple from SPCC, both skilled and experienced engineers, great project managers with a huge drive to fulfil the vision of a new church and school building.

If you would like to participate financially in what God is doing through our church and/or you have the specific desire to support our vision of the New Church and School Building Project, please feel free to use the Donate Button here. From the Santa Ponsa Community Church, we would like to say thank you for considering to contributing to this incredible work.

God Bless.